Affiliate Details

Everyone in the beach volleyball community already has expectations for what it takes to become an “affiliate”. If you are reading this, and you’re serious, forget about that. BVNE™ is not here to make your life harder. Our goal is to bring credibility, respect, and transparency to the beach volleyball community and as a result further your success in the process. There are only three key factors here, BVNE BracketPal, Stripe, and the integrity you bring to the event. It’s not complicated.

Let’s start with goals. You have to run a great event. This means transparency in pools and playoffs by using BVNE BracketPal. As an Affiliate you also need to create sensibly organized pools to make sure players are shuffled to ensure different clubs or organizations are playing different teams, play great music, and have a small and organized event team. The days of showing up with a table, simple rope lines, and antennas a few minutes before check in are gone.

The BVNE team is here to provide you with support to make your events great experiences for the parents, players, and extended family who often attend. We provide cost effective event medals (shipping to be determined) through BVNE corporate, and cost effective resources for branded beach flags and tents to ensure your event looks professional, approachable to players, and friendly. We are here to help you continue to succeed, at the national level.

BVNE affiliates need to be leaders in the field with SafeSport certified event staff, and events that are fully transparent with BVNE BracketPal. Players, in particular juniors players, should be provided the most trusted environment possible.

Our BVNE Kauai Bikini Championship bid events, National College Recruiting Showcase Championships, and Club & Schools tournament series are the primary event for juniors beach volleyball. Players play against their peers to win a bid or help their club or school become the winner of the season. the bid events you might already be familiar with, but the club & high school series is designed from the ground up to develop players. Divisions start with the 12U and 14U starters divisions for new players. These divisions are for new players, and many players have played their very first events with BVNE. Then we move into division 5, leading to college recruiting level division 1 competition.

Especially given the most recent college recruiting scandal, the BVNE Club & School Tournament Series is now more important than ever. BVNE events provides players a place to improve, and in the end seek college recruitment in other BVNE tournaments. Throughout this process BVNE provides the transparency needed to show players have truly earned their level of play, and have earned their spot in the collegiate recruiting world with complete online performance records. When we ensure the players are a success, we are a success along with them. Join us and become an affiliate ! Contact Daron Forbes at