BVNE adding more locations

We now have affiliate locations in Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina! Once again BVNE has found people who believe the success of juniors players is the key measure of running successful and high quality events.

In Arizona, The Sand Club will be hosting bid earning events in the greater Phoenix area, on at least one of their five different locations. Allen Alexander and the entire team will bring more great volleyball to their juniors players in Arizona. We can’t wait to see photos!

The Florida Beach Volleyball Tour is set to bring BVNE bid earning events to Florida. Check out schedule to see what location, and on what coast of Florida bid events will be held!

Select locations across the Carolina’s will be hosting BVNE bid award events! Jim SeidelĀ of Southern Beach Volleyball is working hard with his team to bring more events to their schedule.

We can’t wait to share photos and video, and post up results for all the new players!