BVNE & GNBV Artwork

Using the right logo is always important when creating well-branded materials. BVNE has two primary logos, the palm tree volleyball and the full logo with also includes “BVNE” and “Beach Volleyball National Events” displayed.

BVNE also operates other events with logos specific to those events. These secondary logos cover events such as the Club & High Series, College Recruiting Showcase, and other events. The logos/artwork linked below are part of BVNE affiliate agreements, and authorized for use.


Use of the Beach Volleyball National Events name, logo, colors and other marks without appropriate license or permission is strictly prohibited. Any use of the BVNE name, trademarks or any other indicia, on goods and merchandise, whether promotional or for resale, or in association with third party services requires prior written approval. All brands and logos covered here are property of We Are Volleyball Elite © 2019.